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#RandomActsofConservation 15th – 21st October

#RandomActsofConservation is a campaign designed to suggest one simple, quick and easy random act of conservation every day.


Monday 15th October

What’s wrong with our food systems?

Just being informed with the right information helps us make the right choices. So today let’s find out what’s wrong with our food systems. But #RandomActsofConservation thinks that 11 year old Birke Baehr can explain it better than we ever could. Have a look at this amazing kid’s TEDtalk.


Tuesday 16th October

Do you really need that plastic straw?

Over 500 million plastic straws are used A DAY in the US alone.

“Why thank you kind sir/madam but I won’t be needing the plastic straw as it appears you have already provided me with a glass container that seems to be giving me, the correct amount of fluids to my mouth every time I put it to my mouth and tilt it a bit…….. ” Or
something along them lines…..

If you are in Thailand “My ow luud Kap” is what you need !

Take the plastic straw pledge here

What a few more ideas on how to live a plastic free life? Check out Beths page…


Wednesday 17th October

It’s been one month of #RandonActsofConservation and we would like to say  thank you. Today help by getting your friends and family invloved!

 It only takes a minute to start a movement and today’s #RandomActofConservation is to take a minute to help our movement.
Share #RandomActofConservation with you friends and family and get them involved. The more people  who do small random acts the bigger voice or influance we collectively have in make a difference. Share it on Facebook or through Twitter and get people invovled!


Thursday 18th October

Get the Internet off coal!

This was our very first #RandomActsofConservation and today we want to give it another push. Company’s like Microsoft and Apple and others draw the energy they use to store your music, photo’s, emails and videos predominantly from coal power.
One of our greatest concerns  is Ocean Acidification which is driven by us burning fossil fuels. If you didn’t make the pledge last time have a go now and help #RandomActsofConservation itself get off coal.


Friday 19th October

A fun Friday film about sharks!


A short fun film from the Master Divers gang highlighting the plight of our finned friends, check it out and share because tomorrow we will try and help some more.


Saturday 20th October

Ban the Fin Trade!

Sharks help maintain the health of the ocean and as Apex predators they are vital in maintaining a critical balance to the ocean. Add your voice to Shark Savers petition to help protect sharks in Canada’s waters.


Sunday 21st October

This time last week we unplugged everything in the house and went for a walk. This week let’s take our hands with us!

How about when we go for a walk today lets walk for half an hour, turn around and pick rubbish up on the way back and get involved with the twohandsproject.



To really get involved join the campaign on Facebook, or follow the Twitter #RandomActsofConservation. Feel free to add you own voice to the campaign by posting ideas to our Facebook page or Tweeting using the #RandomActsOfConservation #Hastag.


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