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Clean up Laem Thian on the14th Oct’12

If you’ve read our blogs before you probably know that we go to the bay at Leam Thien on a regular basis to clean up the beach and dive site.

We organise regular clean ups as the ocean already has a frightening amount or rubbish circulating in it and the only time rubbish is taken out of the sea is if it gets washed ashore and is picked up.

We go to this bay in particular because the resort was abandoned and there is no one to take care of this beach.  In essence we adopted it. It’s a lovely walk over to the bay there but visitors often leave their rubbish behind.  We’ve put bins and signs up asking people to contact us when they are full. Strangely one of the bins was pinched almost straight away.

The morning was lovely when we set off and as there were no waves it didn’t take us long at all to get there. On the journey we had a briefing .  Once moored up we split the dive groups up to cover both sides of the bay and the rest of us headed to the beach and old resort. There was the usual rubbish, cans, plastic water bottles, foam and more foam, plastic straws and fishing net. On the beach was the strangest find was the child’s bicycle.

Childs Bike

By the time the divers surfaced the beach was clean and the boat loaded with rubbish so we set off back to Master Divers. Once there, we sorted, counted,logged the combined weight and all the data too. We took what we could to be recycled and the rest went to the tip. All that was left to do was send the data off to Project AWARE so they can use that evidence to lobby Governments, big businesses and communities to clean up their acts. A big thank you to everyone involved and a special thank you to the guy’s over at Goodtime Adventures for coming along and give us a hand.

The strange things you find

Our next clean up is planned for the afternoon on the 24th October and will focus on the road sides of Mae Haad.  We do a really good job of cleaning the beaches but the roadsides often get overlooked.  With monsoon on the way all this rubbish will wash into the ocean if we dont collect it.  Everyone is welcome to join in. Either meet us at Master Divers at 3.30pm or 4pm under the sala by the main pier in Mae Haad.  Many hands make light work !  See you there!

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