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#RandomActsofConservation 22nd – 28th October

#RandomActsofConservation is a campaign designed to suggest one simple, quick and easy random act of conservation every day.

Monday 22nd October

Switch to plastic free kitty litter!

Those of you that know us  know we are a little bit animal crazy. Our customers laugh when we tell them that the four paws and particularly Grumble are actually incharge of the dive centre.  So this one is for all of you pet lovers out there!


Tuesday 23rd October

Take some time out to learn about some of the things that effect our oceans and why now is the Time to Act!

Check out this little film put together by our very own photographer Nick Shallcross.



Wednesday 24th October

I’m bored, bored of the rubbish on TV…..I know, lets play a board game. Unplug the TV and invite some friends round as well!

Save  power by unplugging the TV for the night, saves your friends powering their whole house for the night. A nice one that will help the earth breath a bit easier for the night.


Thursday 25th October

The solution to the marine plastic pollution problem starts with you. Take the 5Gyres plastic promise.

The marine plastic pollution problem has now got so bad there are five Gyres (Gyres are giant garbage patches) in our oceans. They are so big and dangerous to shipping that they how have to go around them which adds to fuel and transportation costs adding more CO2 to the atmosphere. Make a plastic promise with 5Gyres!


Friday 26th October

Helping a big cat can help the environment. Find out how!

Aaaah!! puddycaat…..so….if I help save the tigers, I also help save the forest and the entire ecosystem that goes with it. Plus a few million tonnes of coal doesn’t get get burnt…where do I sign?


Saturday 27th October

Poverty was one of the main reasons behind yesterdays act so today let’s address that problem today!

Big businesses and governments target the poor for cheap labour and resources.  Consumerism in wealthy countries is driving this thirst for cheap goods. It isn’t the poor that get rich, it’s the rich that get richer. This balance has to change because ending poverty is crucial to ending some of the problems faced by the environment. Unlike poverty, the problems with the environment will effect us all –  rich or poor.


Sunday 28th October

Why would you buy pre-packed fruit when you can walk next door and buy it nice and fresh. More importantly it’s not wrapped in plastic.

Find out some more great ways you can reduce your plastic here on a blog by Ayesha!

Nature already provides bananas with a protective skin that keeps it fresh for ages. There is no need to then take that off, place it in a polystyrene tray and rap it in plastic….it already comes with it’s own protective skin!!!!

To really get involved join the campaign on Facebook, or follow the Twitter #RandomActsofConservation. Feel free to add you own voice to the campaign by posting ideas to our Facebook page or Tweeting using the #RandomActsOfConservation #Hastag.


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