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Best of Diving from March 2012

As you know we are closed for November but we knew you would be suffering withdrawal if we didnt keep some diving news and Koh Tao pictures floating your way.  If you peruse our blog at your desk at work to keep the blues at bay you might even find that winter is drawing closer, its getting darker earlier and certainly lot colder – so how could we stop sending diving sunshine through our blog?  That wouldn’t be fair!  So here’s a series of posts to wrap up the year and give you a flavour of the best of the diving from each month passed …

There was a baby bat fish at Junkyard – they are soo cute !


Baby Bat Fish

Chumphon Pinnacle, not to be out done, did put on an awesome bat fish display too.

Bat Fish at Chumphon

Japaneses Gardens really out did itself too – an octopus..


an orange flatworm


Cracking vis and plenty of barracuda too

Japanese Gardens

even a pluerobranch ……………..


These flatworms were seen at Green Rock and quite a few other spots too….


These beautiful nudis were seen with quite some frequency too


There was so much more too – what a lovely month of diving !

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