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#RandomActsofConservation 19th – 25th November

#RandomActsofConservation is a campaign designed to suggest one simple, quick and easy random act of conservation every day.
Monday 19th November

Do without Plastic Bottles!

They release harmful chemicals into bloodstream and tissues of almost every one of us. Take the PlasticPollutionCoalition Pledge….


Tuesday 20th November

Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth!

Bathroom taps will give you 10 litres of water in a minute on full flow. If you brush for the whole recommended 2 minutes that’s….erm…..loads of wasted water every time you brush.


Wednesday 21st November

We haven’t walked to work for a while!

Let’s have a walk to work Wednesday, can’t walk…can you ride a bike? Or car share with a work mate?


Thursday 22nd November

Pledge to protect the planet that provides!

Nature is like the Bank of Life. At the moment we keep drawing money out without ever putting any back in. Soon the account is going to be empty and we will have nothing left to live on. Nature is the only one working and topping up the account but we are spending it faster than Nature can earn it. If we let it go bankrupt it won’t have the resources to start again. Nature will live on but it’s children might starve. Take Conservation Internationals pledge to protect the planet that provides…


Friday 23rd November

Vote to save the Menhaden Fish

Never heard of it?….well this fish gives you your food supplement Omega 3….oh yeah and ladies, the oils from the dead Menhaden fish go into making lipstick….nice! Because you won’t see these fish on the menu they just aren’t regulated in the same way. But their importance in keeping a healthy ocean is vital and The Pew Environment Group have made it easy for us to help the Menhaden fish by signing their petition.


Saturday 24th November

Help try putting an end to Wildlife Crime!

Take action today with the WWF’s campaign to put a stop to Wildlife crime.


Sunday 25th November

A nice Sunday walk, and take our TwoHands with us!

Unplug everything and let the world breath a bit easier, take a walk on the beach or the countryside so we can breath a bit easier and take twohands with us and pick up some rubbish and let the ocean breath a bit easier too. How about inviting some friends and family along with you.


To really get involved join the campaign on Facebook, or follow the Twitter #RandomActsofConservation. Feel free to add you own voice to the campaign by posting ideas to our Facebook page or Tweeting using the #RandomActsOfConservation #Hastag.


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