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Chumphon Pinnacle and Green Rock on the 4th December’12

Todays report covers our trip to Chumphon Pinnacle and Green Rock, scroll down to find details of the conditions, who was onboard and the days highlights !


Chumphon Pinnacle

Dive 1 – Chumphon Pinnacle

Surface Conditions – Calm

Water Temp – 29

Visibility – 15m

Current – Mild / None











Green Rock

Dive 2 – Green Rock

Surface Conditions – Calm

Water Temp – 29

Visibility – 10 – 15m

Current – Mild








Todays Highlight 

We found this bizarre looking Sea Cucumber as well as a camera shy Grouper and rather curious Moray Eel.

Sea Cucumber
Grouper at Chumphon Pinnacle
Moray Eel

Crew Onboard

Captain P Dong, Wilco, Gaz

Courses Being Taught.

 Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Nitrox, Rescue, Dive Master,

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