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Mae Haad Beach Cleanup 4th December’12

A new season, a new shop, new rubbish to collect and some new customers who wanted to have that nice, warm, fuzzy feeling you get in your tummy when you do something good.

Cleaning up

We have always done a big weekly cleanup and cleaned our bit of beach every day. So having settled into the new shop we wanted to get out and give the beach a good clean and what the situation was like after our month off for monsoon.

In the shallows


For the most part the beach was looking pretty good, the main problem we found was one area of the beach where longtail boats are all pulled ashore during monsoon to be fixed and painted. There is a little plot of land on the beach that was abandoned a long time ago and seems to have become a  boat workshop.


So along with some of our divers we  picked up as much trash as we could which was actually quite alot  108.6 kg to be exact. With over half of that being bottles of beer, water or energy drinks which of course we put in for recycling.

Well Done Team!

Along with the bottles was the usual polystyrene food packaging, plastic bags, batteries, light bulbs and plastic knives, forks and straws. After a good job well done all that was left to do was take a photo, weigh it all then send it off for recycling and the rest to the tip and say a big thank you to everyone who helped out.

At Master Divers we run clean ups and many other environmental activities frequently. Weather you are a diver or now if you want to gt involved then pop in and see what is going on and get involved.  Don’t forget to check out our environmental campaign #RandomActsOfConservation.


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