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My First Scuba Dive – Paul E. Lee

My First Scuba Dive is intended to be a series of posts from guest writers and Master Divers folk too where they can share the wonder of their first dive.  If you have a story to share please read the details at the bottom and you too could be featured!  This one comes from Paul E. Lee.
I’ll admit it – I never ever wanted to scuba dive. It seemed terrifying to me. Going underwater to the dark depths where strange creatures lurked unseen in the shadows? No, thank you. I had snorkeled before many times in Hawaii and Florida and while it was certainly fun to see the brand-new world stretched out beneath me, I had very little desire to see it any closer. That is, of course, until one of my friends bought me scuba diving lessons so that I could get certified.


I took the necessary courses near my home in California and both the dive instructor and my friends were very encouraging about the whole thing. Once I learned more about the proper safety equipment and procedures, I began to feel much more comfortable in the water in general. I learned to propel myself forward and very soon I felt ready to face my fears. I passed my exam and I was ready for my big scuba diving adventure.


At this point, my friends and I booked a vacation to the Philippines for another friend’s wedding and also to try scuba diving on site for the first time. I was a little apprehensive as I geared up for my first dive. We had chosen Cebu, which is an extremely popular diving area in the islands and very good for first-time divers. We completed four dives at 15 meters depth each time. As I submerged myself below the water, I almost forgot that I was diving. It seemed so natural and not at all scary.



We circled around some beautiful coral reefs through the clear turquoise waters. I saw sea urchins and fish hiding in the crevices; I even think I saw some sort of eel before it slipped away. What amazed me the most though, were the schools of fish that swam in front of us without even a glance. We were completely invisible to them, as though we had always lived there. I grew more confident in my ability to swim and began to go closer to the reef each time. Every time I resurfaced I felt like I wanted to go back down and for longer periods of time. Eventually, it grew dark and we had to go back in. I felt very accomplished however because I had faced my fears.


Since then I’ve dived in many different places both during the day and at night. I learn something new every time and I hope I can continue to do it for the rest of my life.


Written by the Marketing Department for Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, Paul E. Lee


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