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Where to go snorkeling on Koh Tao?

Ko Tao is dotted with beaches and bays and picking where to go snorkeling can be difficult but what you choose to do will depend a little on how much time you have and what you want to both see and experience.


You can take the decision away by simply booking an around the island snorkeling trip. Your resort will be able to do this for you and you will be able to see a bit of everything and meet some new friends too. This is great if you are limited on time and simply want a tour to see a bit of everything. You will be on a big boat which is great for offering shade and stability but not so good if you want to take things at your own pace and have a bit more of a personalized experience. The trip should cost around 600B and include some food and everything you need for the day.

Longtail boats can be hired anywhere at the waters edge and indeed their drivers will come looking for you.  A full day tour will cost around 2500B but you can then choose where to go and how long to stay so this is a great idea if there are a few of you. However if its s bit choppy you might not be able to access all the spots that a larger boat can. So where should you choose to go?

Snorkle Taxi?

I have two favourite day out snorkeling spots. The first would be Ao Leuk. This can be accessed by road, expect to pay around 400B each way. The bay is wide and sandy and two restaurants offer both shade, somewhere to laze and of course food. Be careful when entering the water as rocks line where the waves lap, once in the water you will find some great snorkeling at each edge of the bay. Hover over the sand and you might see rays to. This spot is great for day out or stop in your longtail trip.

My next favourite is Haad Sai Daeng. The taxi ride here is akin to a rollercoaster experience and will cost around 500B each way. New Heaven Huts sits on the beach and the food in their restaurant is scrumptious. The beach is postcard perfect and an idyllic get away from the hustle and bustle of the island. While the snorkeling in the centre of the bay is in no way as rewarding as Ao Leuk, Haad Sai Daeng does have sharks. Don’t worry they are not toe nibblers and are in fact quite shy. Follow the coastline in the water on the north side and swim out to the rocks which jut out on the corner and wait.  The corner is quite pretty and has lots of activity and patience will bring you sharks.

Sai Daeng

Ao Thian Ok is locally called Shark Bay as traditionally this is where you would see the most sharks. While you can still see them there, it’s only really possible by boat as there are now restrictions to non guests of the resort on the beach accessing it. You can walk through OKII Resort which you will find by following Chalock Ban Khao all the way to the end to a bay called Ao Taa Chaa. You then have to scramble over the rocks and swim out into the bay. New Heaven Resort lies next to OKII and while they do not allow you to just walk through their resort, you can still access the coastline from here and it’s a shorter swim. The resort has a restaurant with a great view and tasty food. Hang out and eat, which is hardly a chore, and then ask if you can wander down to the beach. Remember though that the sharks are shy and patience is required.

Mango Bay is another popular snorkeling spot, similar to Ao Leuk, it’s sandy in the middle with the best snorkeling at the edges. The road to here is not to be trifled with, so hire a longtail or grab a kayak to get here. Mango Bay has a huge school of fish which throb and pulse in a large vortex which can usually be seen from the surface and most often near the Mango Bay Resort.

Aow Leuk

Japanese Gardens is one of the bays off Koh Nangyuan and only accessible by water too. It’s popular for both diving and snorkeling and has a marked no boat zone too. The Lomprayah do offer a ferry service day trip here but my advice would be to go by longtail which will leave you more flexible. If you step foot on land here you will be charged to use the beach. In Mae Haad there’s a small shallow shipwreck which you can just about see jutting out of the water in front of Sensi Paradise Resort. This is great fun for a quick dip and explore.

Remember too that when the west coast is choppy the east coast of the island will be still and flat calm, in this instance check out Hin Wong Bay. There is only a tiny beach here and access to the water is via the small pier in the centre of the bay.

Hin Wong

Clearly these are just the highlights and there is much water and coastline to explore. Please do so carefully. Remember to keep yourself protected from the sun, listen out for boat traffic and take a life vest if you are not a confident swimmer. Take care to protect the reef too. Some bays have now banned the use of fins in order to protect the coral so do observe the rules. Remember coral is a living organism that grows very slowly, treat it carefully and never stand on it. Observe the fish but do not feed them, this upsets their diet, makes them familiar and most importantly stops them grazing on the algae which upsets the natural balance of the reef and its survival. Otherwise jump in and have fun!




This article was written for and first published on Travelfish.org. It is reproduced here with kind permission !

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