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My First Dive: Nui!

Nearly everyone is excited and nervous about their first dive. Nui was no exception and the entire staff of Master Divers was elated along with her. Nui first joined Master Divers in late 2012 and for the past 6 months diligently studied the SSI Open Water Course online and read the books in both Thai and English. In addition to her studious efforts, she also observed her husband, a Dive Control Specialist, as he assisted in teaching students how to dive. Needless to say after all the intensive preparation, Nui was a natural and like most other new divers, she’s incredibly anxious and excited for her next dive. Well done, Nui!


nui theory


Special thanks to SSI for providing complimentary Thai language SSI books and certification.


What was your favorite part of your first dive?

Nui: The marine life.  When I went underwater and I saw many different fish and coral, it was so beautiful.



What was your favorite fish that you saw?

Nui: Angelfish and Stingrays


What was the hardest part?

Nui: At the beginning when I first jumped in the water. My face was always down and it was hard to balance.


Was your first dive how you expected it to be?

Nui: It was more fun than I expected, even though I was little bit scared before the first jump.

nui ready to go


How did it feel to be weightless?

Nui: It felt awesome!!


Would you do it again?

Nui: Yes…As soon as possible!!

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