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Why am I learning to free dive?

Haha – good question!  I’m beginning to wonder that myself after just having tried some equalization exercises…..

But seriously, I have always wanted to do it but I never really got around to it I guess.  I always thought it would be good skill for photography and videography which I love with my scuba gear on so why not without?

Me and my camera
Me and my camera

A favorite day out for many staff members is a trip to Sai Daeng beach, and while we all enjoy the snorkeling and shark spotting there it would be so much nicer to be able to spend more time underwater there without scuba…and get some lovely photos too.  I can never manage to stay down long enough or hold still enough to photo or be steady and swim around enough for video…. so really that was my goal.

Helena, Amanada and Kanthin
Helena, Amanda and Kanthin

Then a little over a week ago I went out to get some photographs of the guys who were completing their free diving course and I was quite frankly very jealous !  Why ?  Well, there was I in my clunky movement inhibiting scuba gear not very gracefully trying to move around fast enough to photograph them as they swirled fluidly through the water. Captivated ! I wanted to do that… So that’s how I find myself about to take the plunge tomorrow…

Our Instructors
Our Instructors

So myself and a few of our Divemaster candidates in training embark on our new underwater adventure tomorrow.  We have instructions not to drink alcohol or consume dairy due to mucus production…… and not to consume caffeine as that will raise our heart rates – none of which are desirable for  relaxing and easy equalizing……..

Watch this space to see how we all get on ……

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