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Our adventures

Swimming around Koh Tao to Save Sharks!

What? Are we crazy? Yes, probably! Do we know what we are getting ourselves in for? Yes, because we have done it before – kind of.


Last year Gene swam around the whole island, an estimated distance of 23kms. Wilco was support kayak and I was support swimmer. You can see what happened here…

Wilco and Gene


We do know (almost!) what we are in for. We had already been training  to support Gene in another long distance swim attempt. This attempt, due to pressures of work, had been postponed, but when Project Aware announced their FINathon we knew what we had to do. Even the timing coincided with a visit Gene already had planned.  It seemed perfect.



We plan to do it in hour stretches which should mean that we make it faster than Genes solo 9 hours and 16 mins, but its not really about the time, its all about the sharks !



We have challenged ourselves to raise $3000 USD and are already 23% there having raised $680 USD but we do need more support! So please do donate to us or spread the word and share this link on your Facebook and Twitter account.



If you want to do even more you can even start your own event too.


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