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Thailand Boat Diving Etiquette

On the whole, diving in Thailand is done from boats rather than from the shore so it’s good to know the etiquette as it pertains to Thai dive boats.

Take your shoes off, the boat is likely to be home for any number of the staff looking after you on your trip so it’s polite to take your shoes off.  Your shoes will often go into one basket upon embarkation so don’t forget to pick them up when you leave.

Master Divers Boat

Buddha Point is the area of the prow which is tied with colourful ribbons and this is what keeps the boat safe. This means that you certainly shouldn’t sit on it or point your feet at it, either of which could constitute a long swim for you back to shore. If you are setting off on a liveaboard trip then keep an ear out for the firecrackers which are set off from the bow too. The fire crackers scare off the bad spirits and if you see an offering of food then this is for the good spirits.

The staff and captains cabins are private areas so stay out and there maybe other areas that are out of bounds too, like the engine room, galley and other areas.

Captain P Dong
Captain P Dong

Don’t throw anything overboard even if its food  based, this should go without saying on any boat any where in the world. If the toilet on board is a marine toilet then do not use it on the dive site or you will not be making any new diving friends on this trip but also be conscious of what you put into a marine toilet. If it hasn’t passed through you then it cant go in !

In some areas in Thailand the dive boats are simply converted fishing boats and don’t have much in the way of free space so its even more important to keep your gear tidy and away. Don’t be that diver with fins in the middle of the deck for everyone to trip over.

Dry Bags start from 380B

The majority of boats have a dry area so keep it dry. For Koh Tao we recommend that divers take their gear in a dry bag to avoid any accidents.
Most importantly listen to the briefings and instruction that you are given to ensure everyone onboard has a safe and fun trip.

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