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Single Use Plastic

It’s no surprise to most people that humans are literally trashing the Earth; there’s evidence on every street, beach and in the water. It can be hard to know where to start or implement changes in your everyday life to help curb our environmental impact. One of the easiest ways that you can help make a difference is by refusing and reducing single use plastic. Single use plastics are plastic (duh!) items that are generally used once, usually only for minutes, before being thrown away. The most commonly used items include plastic bags, straws, plastic bottles and food packaging.



plastic bottle



What’s the big deal about Single Use Plastic compared to other rubbish? They literally last for forever! It’s estimated that it takes anywhere from 20-500+ years for a plastic bag to breakdown and degrade. Considering that on average a plastic bag is used for about 20 minutes, the short term convenience is inexcusable for the long term implications they have on the environment. Not only does the environment suffer from single use plastic but marine life also suffers the consequences from our plastic addiction. Images of turtles, marine birds and fish with their stomachs full of plastic, are sadly to easy to come by. When plastic, especially single use plastics enter waterways, they are mistaken for food and eaten by marine life. This results in starvation, choking and poisoning of marine life.





 It’s quite easy to get by in life without using these items. Many sustainable substitutes are readily available; reusable bags, reusable food containers and water bottles. Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting more information discussing the negative impacts that come with Single Use Plastics and what you can do to reduce your impact.


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  1. commented by User on 3 August 2017

    Thanks for the post. It got me thinking about first chapters.

  2. commented by Misri14 on 28 March 2018

    Beautiful post and good advice for the single good job my friends and good luck for all.

    1. commented by Linzi Trafford on 29 March 2018

      Thank you! Lets all make an effort to live in a plastic free world! 🙂

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