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Will the Real Grumble, Please Step Forward

Chances are if you’ve been to Master Divers shop, you may have had feelings of deja-vu when observing the various shop animals. In particular, chief shop cat Grumble has recruited various stand-ins in order to confuse customers and sometimes even Master Divers staff. No one can be certain why Grumble has built this army of look-a-likes, but it is safe to assume that its all in effort to sleep soundly throughout the day, without interruption.


The Real Grumble





Upstairs Grumble (Upstairs for short)


Most likely to be confused as the real Grumble, Upstairs, is typically found, well upstairs of course. However, over the past few months, Upstairs has grown bolder in her attempts to imitate the real Grumbles life by stealing bits of food from the bowl or sleeping in places often occupied by the real Grumble.


Workshop Grumble


Often found across the road in our workshop, she’s a feisty but shy pot belly wobbler of a cat. When petting her, if you stop, she’ll give you a quick swipe of the hand and demand that you continue. Generally found sleeping in the oddest and hottest of places in the workshop, but hey its quiet so you can’t really blame her.


Terminator Cat (TC)


Although not commonly known, Terminator Cat likes to eat small children for breakfast. It may be hard to tell from the photo, but TC is the size of a full grown elephant.

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