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5 reasons you should have your own mask and snorkel.

As part of learning how to dive you should be taught about each piece of gear, how to fit it properly and how to select the most suitable for you when you wish to buy it.  Nearly all new divers choose to buy their own mask and snorkel during their open water course. We strongly recommend it ……. Why?  Well here are 5 good reasons…………

Looking Good !
Looking Good !


1)      Safety

Ensuring you have a mask that fits your face properly reduces the likelihood of leaks. I’ve not met anyone who liked learning how to clear their mask and a constantly flooding and leaky mask can lead to panic underwater. Why put yourself in this position?

2)      Comfort

If you have ever dived with a mask that pressed uncomfortable against your nose or forehead you will know how much this can mar your dive experience. You want to be enjoying the marine life and not counting down the minutes until you can relieve yourself of the pain caused by the ill-fitting mask.

3)      Hygiene

It’s yours, only you use it…enough said.

4)      Convenience

Whenever you want to go snorkeling, it’s there. You don’t have to worry about hiring and the state of hire gear, simply pick it up and splash in.

5)      Fun investment

It’s perfectly true that once you have your own gear for any sport, you use it more and get more out of it. A good mask is going to cost you less than a night out and if you look after it will last you for years and share many snorkeling and diving adventures with you.

If you are not sure how to select one that fits you correctly – pop in and see us – we will happily show you how to fit a mask to your face and explain what you should be looking for – no obligations.

We will happily show you how to properly fit a mask so that you can ensure you get the best mask for you so pop in or ask us when you get here.


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