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Weekly Dive Reports – 20th – 26th April

This report covers our trips from the 20th April – 26th April 2015, scroll down to find details of the conditions and the weeks highlights !

This Week’s Conditions

This weeks conditions have been mixed,  another storm came over the island  towards the end of the week and due to wind directions changing some of the boat rides were choppier than recent weeks, the visibility was a bit up and down as well, with some dive sites having 20m visibility and others only 5m. We had dives all over the place; with dives at Shark Island, Chumphon, Green Rock and Mango Bay! We also did a beach and snorkel clean up at Laem Thien Bay for Earth Day on 22nd April.

This Week’s Highlights

The highlights this week were the beach and snorkel clean up at Laem Thien, where the team collected 50Kg in 90 minutes and were lucky enough to see a school of Juvenille Black Tip Reef Sharks! We also enjoyed a close up with a Blue-ringed Angelfish, a Pink Anemone Fish and a very cool Nudibranch!

Anemone Fish

Blue Ringed Angelfish


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