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Our adventures

A day in the life of Ducky.

What a day it was!


I lost me mum and then I was cornered by these four legged hairy things that looked VERY hungry, thankfully this old geezer in a cap came and scooped me up and put me on his bike and drove me to this really nice place full of humans who liked to hold me and give cuddles, I like cuddles. The boss lady pretended to be my mummy coz I kept squeaking and she wanted me to be quiet, so I had a nap under her chin, it was super comfy. They gave me a very nice area to hang out when the humans weren’t holding me, there was a little pond for me to sit in and a lovely little nest, when I wasn’t busy playing in my pond it was nice to have a little snooze there, its was quite a day!

Ducky and Sandy

As well as all the cuddles from the humans I made friends with a four legged hairy thing, the humans called him Sandy, he protected and guarded my little home ALL day, we even had a little kiss, it was nice but his breath smelt a bit funny. From what the humans have been saying they are finding a nice home for me with other duckies my age, I can’t wait, these humans are pretty cool, I like the cuddles and all but I’m a super independent Ducky and there is a big island out there to explore!

Sandy protecting Ducky

I’ve was then taken to a hotel with all sorts of creatures, mainly creatures with four legs and hair, like the ones that tried to eat me earlier that day, but they put me safe in a cage away from them. My neighbour was a Palm Civet, fancy.

They found me a lovely home the day after with 11 new brothers and sisters for me to play with, its going to be so much fun. Thanks Master Divers!

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