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Please Don’t Feed Our Fish!

School of Weibels Butterfly Fish



Many travellers and holiday makers will have experienced some sort of fish feeding on tours, trips and days out at some point during their vacations. It may seem like a harmless and fun activity but feeding the fish is actually extremely harmful to the fish and the marine eco system on a whole.


Fish have a very particular diet specific to their own ecosystem, and their physiology is not compatible with the digestion of what we humans class as food. In recent times due to the rise in tourism, they have been exposed to being fed by us, and mostly with food that their bodies generally cannot handle. It messes up their digestive system and makes them sick, plus it has a knock on effect on the whole ecosystem. For example the key role of a Parrotfish on the reef is grazing to keep rocks and corals clear from  algae. This sybiotic relationship is of huge importance to the reef itself, as the lack of build up ensures that new corals have more of a chance to attach during the spawning process. You should also condiser the effect on the food chain, as if fish are being fed and not hunting for their natural choice of meal, the prey and predator balance will adversely effected.

So if you are keen to see fish feeding why not rent/buy a mask and snorkel and see them feeding in their natural surroundings? Its way more interesting than a group tour, and much more responsible. Its an amazing sight, and at  certain times of  day it is possible see large schools of fish feeding naturally, and with way less other people around too!

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