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Have You Met Sky?

Sky as a Pup.

If you have graced our doors in the past year or so, you would have met our wobbly shop dog Sky. She was born with problem hips and she can be seen wobbling around the shop throughout the day. Unfortunately she is still too young for an operation to help fix her hip problem, so she is given a special medicine each day to reduce the pain and make her feel comfortable. As a young pup she was very, very shy and anti-social, and would run away and hide whenever she was approached. However with so many people around eager to give her some attention and love, it only took a few months to get her comfortable with people petting her. Adored by staff and customers alike, she will regularly  spend a large percentage of her day receiving cuddles – that’s a whole lot of love! She is not our only dog though as we also have Sandy, who is Sky’s older brother. Sandy is now also permanent feature having been adopted by Instructor Wilco who found him on the beach covered in sand (hence the name!).


In the morning when the first staff member arrives Sky is always here, waiting outside the shop to greet us. Tail wagging, tottering along next to you, she waits not so patiently to be let into the shop and then proceeds to chase the cat around! Fatty (our shop cat) however, holds her own and puts Sky in her place with one glare… the animals really rule the roost around here! Sky will then proceed to run around barking for a few minutes until she gets tired, lies on the ground and starts snoozing until the shop doors are open and customers start coming in. Now that she is not so nervous, she waits patiently for the cuddles and attention to start, which fills in her day until Sandy saunters into the shop just after opening time. She is always excited to see her big bro, so she will proceed to play with him until he gets fed up with her and he lies down to go to sleep – something that he’s very good at, unless there is food around of course!


Sky’s day is always organised around sleeping, eating and cuddles as in this hot climate there is nothing else that takes priority! The dogs at Master Divers are normally spoilt spoilt rotten by our staff and customers, but dont let those puppy dog eyes fool you! They’re well looked after and also get their daily doggy biscuits and mackerel in tomato sauce,  which is normally delivered to them wherever they are in the dive centre!

Sky with our Course Director Gaz & IDC Candidates


Due to Sky’s bad legs she is sometimes taken into the sea so she can swim and cool off slightly. Its not her favourite activity though so she takes a little persuasion, and sometimes we even have to carry her!


Sky going for a dip.


Sky swimming


There is no doubt that this pup is one loved pet, and we hope to see her get the operation to fix her legs soon. We cant wait to see her in more comfort and running along the beach with her brother sandy and other kanine pals!

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