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Are Sharks Actually Dangerous?

Sharks have long been feared as ocean predators for unjust reasons. This misconception is based on false information, poorly portrayed media and a certain popular 40 year old film called Jaws. Yes, sharks are apex predators and finely evolved to hunt aquatic prey, and should therefore be treat with respect and caution. However shark attacks only kill 10 people a year on average. Unfortunately, we no longer have too many sharks around Koh Tao, however there is still a healthy population of Black Tip Reef Sharks around Shark Bay, and juveniles are often spotted in our southern bays. These sharks are not considered dangerous, and will often be much more scared of you than you are of them.

Here are a few statistics that show how safe sharks are in comparison to some other popular activities on Koh Tao.

People killed annually worldwide by:

– Lightning Strikes – 23


– Champagne Corks – 24


– Climbing/Falling from Trees – 70

– Strong Winds – 104


– Ladders – 113

– Falling Coconuts – 150


– Drowning in a bath – 300

– Tripping – 6,000

– Selfies! – 12


So don’t worry about the sharks, worry about opening a bottle of champagne under a coconut tree taking a selfie!

Here is another good comparison showing how dangerous sharks are in comparison with other animals! Enjoy, and stay safe out there!


Video by GOOD.

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