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Stay SCUBA fit with Koh Tao Crossfit

July 2016 marked the reopening of Koh Tao Crossfit, inspiring many of us to try Crossfit for the first time. Merty, who has previously enjoyed Crossfit in the US thought she would introduce the topic, and explain why it’s a great scuba fitness regime:

‘The image my friends back home have crafted of my life here on Koh Tao seems to be some combination of Bay Watch, Finding Nemo, and Eat Pray Love. To them, I spend my days froliking with whalesharks along side beautiful, sun-kissed colleagues who only drink beverages served in coconut shells.

Moving tanks, loading gear, carrying spare weights, towing students… these are the consistent, behind the scenes realities in the day-to-day activities of dive professionals that outsiders are not often privy to. Scuba diving and all that goes into it places high physical demands on the body and it is important that dive professionals are prepared to meet those demands in a way that is sustainable.


When I first arrived on Koh Tao, I maintained a fitness routine that included a lot of running and swimming, but I struggled to find a suitable strength routine that would fit into my dive schedule. Many of the fitness classes on the island were offered only when I was on the boat or under the water. My strength was declining just as the physical demands of job were increasing, and my body began to feel the adverse effects.


Recently, I began training at Crossfit Koh Tao. Their new class schedule caters to divers’ schedules (early morning/evening sessions) while still offering mid day classes for my days off. For me, Crossfit is the perfect fitness compliment to my diving career. Crossfit’s emphasis on functional movement allows me to meet the physical challenges of my day-to-day life without worry of injury while the high intensity interval training improves my lung capacity and breath control. I would encourage any diver to go check it out!

See you at the box!’

Master Divers Course Director Gaz is currently the co-owner and Crossfit coach at KTC, so feel free to ask him any questions on WOD’s and work outs and make sure to stop by!



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