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Things to do on Koh Tao

Most people come to Koh Tao for diving, as worldwide it is famous as THE place to train! But there’s much more to this lump of rock than just the ocean that surrounds it, and lots to do on Koh Tao that doesn’t require a scuba tank to have fun!…

Koh Tao has many viewpoints, some you can drive to, others you will need to walk to as the tracks leading there aren’t suitable or safe for bikes, most even have a restaurant of bar where you can relax and soak up the view!

John Suwan Viewpoint


Love Koh Tao


There are plenty of hiking trails around the island. Due to the heat it is recommended to do any hiking either in the early morning before it gets too hot, or later in the afternoon. While the tracks are generally safe, it is a good idea to take a cell phone and a first aid kit with you just in case. And lots of water, and many of the more remote trails do not pass by any shops. If you are going hiking on your own do let someone at your hostel or hotel know where you are going and when to expect you back – just as a safety precaution.

Hiking Trail
The Road to Laem Thian



Koh Tao has some fantastic snorkelling, so if you’re not keen on fully submersing yourself in the water but still want to see the wonders of the sea then Koh Tao’s sandy beaches and shallow waters are a great place to start! You may be lucky enough to see Juvenile Black Tip Reef sharks & Hawksbill Turtles as well as all different types of colourful reef fish.Snorkeling

Snorkeler and Seahorse


Stand Up Paddleboarding has become more and more popular worldwide in recent years and the trend has made its way to Koh Tao. SUP TAO offer hire on an hourly, half day or full day rate. Just don’t forget your suncream!



A great way to see some of the island and get to some deserted bays, kayaks are usually two person boats so it’s great to split the cost as well, they can usually be hired out for an hour/half day/full day. Do be aware of the weather before you go out and make sure you take lots of sunscreen and water on your adventure!



Rock Climbing

Koh Tao has some great rock climbing routes, whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber the rocks of Koh Tao definitely have something to offer you!

Flying Trapeze

A once in a lifetime experience! Where better to find your inner circus monkey than on a tropical island in Thailand! Good Time Adventures offer beginners classes to advanced classes as well as multiple class passes for enthusiasts. If you don’t have a problem with heights this is definitely one for you!

Flying Trapeze


What better setting than a sleepy island in the middle of the ocean to ground yourself, the setting for yoga here is blissful, whether you want to join a class or are an experienced yogi that just needs a beautiful setting to enjoy your practice, Koh Tao can accommodate. The three most popular yoga schools are Ocean Sound, Shambhala & Grounded; they offer a range of different classes for every type yoga from Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Vinyassa, you name it, it’s covered.

Mini Golf

Stuck for something to do in the evening? Hacienda in Mae Haad may have the answer! They have an 18 hole mini golf course where you can relax and have a drink and some food and play a couple of rounds of mini golf. Great food and a great atmosphere. They are also starting to show films throughout the week and have built a mini theatre!

Night Life

Koh Tao has a great atmosphere after hours with many different venues offering many different experiences. From relaxing sunset drinks, elaborate cocktails, fire shows, cabaret dances and even dedicated beer pong bars, there is always something to do once the sun goes down. Sairee beach and Sairee Town has the majority of late night bars and parties with a variety of music options and always a friendly group of travellers and locals. (Just try and ask for ‘no-straw’ when ordering drinks and reuse plastic cups to reduce our single plastic consumption!)

IE Party

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