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A Day in the Life Of….A Titan Trigger Fish!

Ever wondered how a Titan Trigger Fish spends their day? We think it goes pretty much like this…


06:00 – Wakey wakey, rise and shine! So what am I going to do today, I wonder!

06:46– Been cruising around, chomped on some coral and eaten a few sea urchins. I must try to pick ones with shorter spines. I spent far too much time biting them down to a manageable size.

08.05 – Come on, come on, where are those weird fish that blow air bubbles?? I do like to chase them every once in a while!! Hang on, ding dong, she’s a bit of a hottie!! Oh no, she’s a Yellow Margin Triggerfish. Must remember to stick to my own kind….


08:20 – Did I just hear something? Was that splashing I can here? Oh look those weird fish are flapping around on the surface – that always seems to happen when they first appear.

08:30 – Hey, you, Mr Blue Spotted Sting Ray! This is MY territory! Find your own resting place! I do like this little overhang….

08:40 – Hmm, that was an effective little charge – soon told that Angelfish who’s the boss around here. Who does he think he is with all his fancy colours and blue rings….

08.50 – Oh good! My favourite type of coral….Chomp, chomp, chomp…

09.05 – Oh, it’s all quiet again. Now I think it’s time to build a nest…..I’m just in the mood for a bit of head-banging. Where will be a good place…..?

09:45 – I found an excellent location, a little bit away from the coral, and just underneath that line that those bubble-blowing creatures seem to spend so much time hanging around. I wonder what they find so interesting about it – up and down, up and down. Sometimes they hardly seem to leave it alone, and then they are back again!


11:20 – My new nest seems just about the right depth. Slightly deeper might be better, but this will do for now; I can always extend or refurbish next season…

12:50 – Oh, Splashing time again. With all that head-banging and nest building done, I think it’s time for some fun…

12:55 – Charge! Look at that! Brilliant! All the bubble creatures have scattered in all directions – it looks just like a firework going off! Oh, oh, they are re-grouping…..Let’s have another go! Weee…..and again! Oh go on, just one more time…..

14:20 – No point putting it off any longer, I simply must do some housework. Now, I want to move this piece of rock over here… that was a bit heavier than I thought – good job I have a strong jaw. And I think that piece of coral will look marvellous right next to the rock….Hmm, let’s just move it another centimetre…Perfect! My interior design skills really are coming on a treat.


15.05 – Yum! That swimming crab was a tasty little morsel. And I gave that floating bubble-making fish thing a bit of a fright too. Haha! You thought I was coming for you, didn’t you?

15.20 – Oh what now!!? How did that bubble fish creep up on me like that? Invade my personal space! I’ll show you – this time here will be no mercy – hahaha! Trigger up, hold it, hold it…..CHARGE!

15.25 – I won, I won! And I got a prize – I got one of those fins!!  Woohoo!

Grumpy Triggerfish


15.30 – OK, now what am I going to do with the fin? It really is the wrong colour – how am I going to fit this into my colour scheme at home? Oh well, I think I’ll leave it….It’s got a few holes in it now anyway.

15:40 – Time for a bit of a rest I think. I’ll just swim out into the sand and sit down for a bit….

19.00 – Steady on, what was that?! Where did that bright light come from? Do you realise what the time is?! It’s past my bedtime! Oh, and another one, and another one….When will it end!!

19.20 – Hmph, I don’t like those bubble fish at night time, I can’t see them properly to get a good charge at them, and they keep shining that big bright light in my face whenever I try.

19.30 – Time to admit defeat and slope off to that nice crevice I spotted earlier today, hope that annoying parrot fish hasn’t taken up residency there already.


19.40 – Still a few lights around but if I hide in here they will go away. I’ll make those bubble fish pay for blinding me with their silly lights. Just wait ‘til tomorrow when I can see them better. Mwah hah hah haaa!

20:12 – At last, the boat engine noise has disappeared. Good night my fellow fishy friends! Zzzzzzzzz…….


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