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The early rise means a great dive

Here at Master Divers, and at many dive centres around the world, we utilise our diving days by having both a morning boat and an afternoon boat. The afternoon boat leaves at a leisurely 11.45 am, allowing time for a lazy morning and a late breakfast/brunch at our neighboring cafe The Coconut Monkey. Whereas the morning boat leaves as the sun rises around 6.45 am. Now on first thoughts, the morning boat may seem a little too early in the day for boats, tanks, and equipment; however it is the absolute perfect time for quiet waters, beautiful bubbles and magical marine life!


There are typically only half as many boats sent out around Koh Tao’s many dive sites every morning, and so we are often the only (or one of the only) group of divers on the reef. This means that we have the choice of buoy line, no diver traffic what so ever, and private viewing of the entire site all to ourselves! In addition, the marine life is only just awakening and are therefore yet to venture out further from their coral reef homes of which they stayed the night. Not only are we the only divers there, there is also so much more to see!

Another perk of morning dives is simply the peace and tranquility of the calm waters soon after sun rise. Most morning divers are treated to ocean conditions without wind, waves, current, and visibility is also noticeably better earlier in the day.  This means easier dives, lower air consumption, longer dives, and more to see! Some nocturnal species such as local Puffer Fish and Sting Ray will also be much easier to see in the early morning as oppose to later afternoon, so charge your camera overnight for some excellent photo opportunities!


Now while late risers are wasting a few extra hours in bed, morning divers can enjoy their surface interval with some fresh fruit for breakfast and a coffee on the sun deck, floating in the middle of the Gulf Of Thailand. Beautiful morning views and a sea breeze are enough to refresh anyone who may be feeling a little tired, but most days there’ll even be time for a morning nap while we change tanks and divesites.

Finally, after two amazing and peaceful dives, we return to land around 11 am. After washing up the equipment and logging our adventures, it’s still only… 11.15 am! This means that you still have the entire day ahead of you to explore Koh Tao, relax on the beach, enjoy a massage, sleep in the sun, nurse a fruity cocktail, or even just return to the boat for an afternoon of more diving. Morning dives are great for travelling groups where not everyone dives, as they leave the whole afternoon free for other activities with other friends or family.


So join us one morning, because an early rise means a great dive!

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