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Why We Are an Aqua Lung Partner Centre!

Master Divers has been officially partnering with Aqua Lung since 2015, and it’s something we’re very proud of. There’s no denying the very phrase ‘Aqua Lung Partner Centre’ sounds pretty impressive, but unless you are already familiar with the SCUBA industry or down with the ‘know how’ when it comes to equipment brands, it may not be immediately obvious what that means to you as our divers/students. So let’s break it down….


The Aqua Lung brand itself is very iconic. Invented in 1943 by the famous ‘father of SCUBA’ Jacques Cousteau and engineer friend Émile Gagnan, the first ever Aqua Lung was a regulator that let people bring air with them under water. Prior to this marine diving activities were conducted using a diving suit and helmet, and relied on air provided by a hose from the surface.

The Aqua Lung made it possible to go deeper underwater, and stay there long enough to observe and study marine life, and explore shipwrecks and caves – something which had not been possible up until this point. If you hadn’t already guessed the connection, the modern name for the Aqua Lung is SCUBA, an acronym for ‘Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus’.

Though originally a basic regulator, the brand has expanded, diversified and thrived since those early days, and it is now possible to find all kinds of gear for SCUBA, snorkelling and swimming that come branded with the Aqua Lung logo.



When selecting gear for our customers to use, Aqualung is an easy choice as their reputation for quality mirrors ours when it comes to having the highest standards of safety, as well as a whole heap of experience and knowledge to ensure that the equipment is comfortable and fits you well.

As part of our promise as a partner centre, we are committed to servicing and renewing all of our equipment on a regular basis, so you can be assured that all of our rental gear is either recently purchased or recently serviced.  Old and worn kit is retired and renewed whenever necessary as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring our customers have access to the best possible equipment during their courses with us.

Here at Master Divers we believe in leading by example. So you’ll see our staff rocking out in Aqualung gear too! The Axiom is a popular BCD choice for many of our instructors and divemasters, and the Legend and Titan regulator sets are generally the ‘go to’ regulators of choice. There’s not much our team doesn’t know about dive equipment, so feel free to ask them questions. Just make sure you’re not in a rush and have the time to listen their answers…depending on who you ask you may need a few hours!



With our local Aqua Lung distributer, Koh Tao Aqua Master, located just a stone’s through (or at least a half decent catapult!) away in the centre of Mae Haad, we’re always just a few minutes’ walk from SCUBA shopping heaven (the temptation is real)! Our local Aqua Lung representatives, Brett and Lana, are always on hand to offer advice, information and support – great for us and our customers alike! Plus it means if you can’t find what you are looking for in our own retail section, a lunch time stroll up the street with one of our staff will have you decked out in your own gear in no time.

The quality of Aqua Lung gear speaks for itself, however in the unlikely event something was to go wrong with a piece of equipment, the warranty policies are excellent – and most problems can be fixed in house.



Another draw card of being an Aqua Lung Partner Centre is the technical support and knowledge they have to pass on. Aqua Master offer regular in-store training programmes in regulator and BCD servicing and repairs. Not only does this keep our staff some of the most skilled and capable around in terms of boosting their professional development, but it means that in turn, we can fix most problems ourselves on site as and when they happen. All of our full time staff have some technical qualifications, whether in equipment servicing, gas blending or compressor maintenance etc, so you can rest assured that you are in safe, skilled and knowledgeable hands. And on the off chance there’s something we can’t fix (unlikely, have you seen how geeky Jason & Thomas are about equipment?!) we know that help is on hand just a few minutes’ walk, or a phone call to Brett or Lana away.

Aqualung Technician

Direct Benefits

As well as a range of benefits that we can pass on to you, our customers are also entitled to direct privileges thanks to us being an Aqua Lung Partner Centre. Firstly, it means you are entitled to ‘try before you buy’ on a wide range of all products, including BCDs and regulator sets. This is a huge advantage – especially on expensive purchases – as it means you can be 100% sure that you investing in the gear that is right for you.

For those taking one of our pro level programmes and investing in whole sets of their own gear, Aqua Lung have provided us with a range of equipment package options to suit every preference, requirement and budget. For those who are not so excited by the prospect of shopping (are you mad? This is scuba gear, not a new pair of work shoes!) it makes the process quick, easy and hassle free!


Innovation & Development

Having witnessed several years of changes across all models of Aqua Lung regulators, BCDs, masks and exposure suits etc, we’ve seen so many positive advances in line with new technology. As a company we’re always looking to stay ahead of the trends and keep up with market forces, so it’s both reassuring and motivating for us to work with partners who operate the same way, as it means we can be at the top of our game – and the benefits get passed on to you, our divers!

The latest development and new for 2017 is Aqua Lung’s range of dive computers – something which we are very excited about, and there has already been a few heated ‘discussions’ between the staff about who will get to trial one first! Although we don’t have them in-house yet as they are still very new, some of our customers have made purchases and are already seeing the benefits. One of the best things about the Aqua Lung computer range is the fact that if you need updates or repairs, these can be done either in-house or at head office in Phuket. No need to send them back to Europe/America like with some of the other brands. Awesome!


So…as you can see there are many reasons and benefits to diving with an Aqua Lung partner centre. If you have any further questions though feel free to comment or contact us via email. And if we’ve caught your interest with the technical side of things, you can learn more on our PADI Equipment Specialist course. If you are interested in being able to service and maintain equipment yourself, ask us for details of the next Aqua Lung course!

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