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Shark Guardian Diver Day


Master Divers is a registered Shark Guardian Diver Centre, 1 of only 3 on Koh Tao! Shark Guardian is a conservation charity actively involved in shark conservation, research and education. They host educational presentations around the world and introduce sharks to over 200,000 people annually.

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As a Shark Guardian dive centre we are passionate about protecting our finned friends and support Shark Guardian projects with daily shark surveys on eShark to study population sizes and distribution. In addition, we are proud to announce that we are the FIRST dive centre on Koh Tao to pioneer the new Shark Guardian Diver Programme!

The Shark Guardian Diver Programme is an engaging and educational course that introduces participants to shark evolution, anatomy, behaviour, and the modern dangers sharks face in the oceans such as fishing and finning. We recently organised a day event to raise money for Shark Guardian, however the course can also be added onto any of our scuba courses and provides a great insight into shark lives.


Our recent event took 25 international Dutch students to Shark Bay and Aow Leuk for shark surveys and snorkelling and we were lucky enough to see LOADS of different sharks. Pregnant females often stay in the safe and shallow bays for protection, and so after a while waiting on the surface, several adults approached followed by their new pups! This data was recorded and sent to Shark Guardian via eShark for future research on population sizes and distribution.

After an exciting and busy morning, we then took the boat back out with a younger group of Shark Guardians to complete a ‘Swim for Sharks’ around our local dive site 3 Rocks. All who joined completed the swim around all 3 rocks and were rewarded by a beautiful sea turtle sighting near the surface!



The day came to an end with an inspirational and educational presentation by Shark Guardian co-founder Liz full of great videos, fascinating facts, and sobering statistics about the threats to sharks in our oceans. All who attended left with eyes wide open to the wonder, beauty, and importance of sharks and with a new found realization to the threats they are now facing.

Keep up to date with our Shark Guardian events via social media! Will you be a Shark Guardian of the future?

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