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World Oceans Day 2017

June 8th 2017 was a day of annual oceanic celebration… it was WORLD OCEANS DAY! This is an international day to appreciate and care for our beautiful blue planet and help educate others and spread awareness of how vital our oceans truly are.

Prep Talk on the Master Divers Boat

Here at Master Divers, we need little excuse to arrange Marine Conservation Events, and so World Oceans Day was scheduled for a great day of conservation clean ups, ocean education and ‘fin’tastic fun! We began our day bright and early at 6.45 am for the morning boat that took our group of Eco Warriors around to Laem Thien, our Adopted Dive Site. Here we coordinated a beach clean up at the abandoned resort where ocean debris and trash is often brought in by eastern winds collecting a huge 55 KG in only an hour!! Leaving the beach clean and clear, we then continued to clean up the surrounding area underwater with a Dive Against Debris.

Beach and Ocean Clean

The afternoon commenced with our oceanic take on traditional Olympic games, which we renamed a Fin-lympics! The rules were explained as buddy teams joined to compete with much laughter and hilarity.

Olympic Games but with Fins!

Some of our favourites were: the coconut shot put, the egg and spoon fin relay, the swim float paddle relay, a fin tug of war, and finally a double points relay combining all previous games!! It didn’t matter who won (… I did ;)), but that everyone enjoyed taking part, even if a few blisters were caused by sandy fins.

Boarding Relay Race

After a well-deserved break and dinner, the team regrouped for an Eco Pub Quiz in the Coconut Monkey. Re-establishing teams, and reigniting a competitive edge, our Eco Warriors battles through 5 rounds of informative Eco Questions to see who knew most about our ocean planet and its inhabitants.

The Big Fin Olympics Finish

Not only was June 8th special as World Oceans Day, but it was also our wonderful Divemaster Brians Birthday!! Therefore the day and quiz ended with a special Birthday Boy Brian Bonus Round followed by further celebrations in Sairee.

Thank you to everyone who came and made World Oceans Day such a fun success and such a day to remember! J

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