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Introducing Me! Master Divers New Eco Warrior!

This week I have started the process of taking over from Josh Stephenson as Master Divers resident eco warrior, a tough act to follow! I’ll be taking over organising beach and dive site clean ups, running eco presentations, quizzes and movie nights, and getting involved in island and international eco projects. I know my parents will be proud and will remember me as a precocious teenager declaring that if their new car didn’t have a catalytic converter, I wouldn’t get in it! They told me then that I couldn’t save the world and this is my chance to prove them wrong!

Hayley becoming the Eco Warrior she is today

From those well intended beginnings I have gone on to travel and scuba dive around the world. I have seen how stunning our oceans and the aquatic life within them are, and I want to keep it that way. I’m hoping that during my time in this role I can educate other divers on what is happening to our environment as well as inspiring non-divers to think differently about conservation and what can be done. We’re all in it together!

Scuba Diving Instructor, Hayley with elephants

I first dived with Master Divers in Koh Tao, Thailand  in 2013 and knew that I would one day come back. I’m really lucky to have done my pro training here and land a dream job! We will miss Mr Koh Tao, he has set such a fantastic example in this role and has made the job much easier for me, but there’s a new eco-queen in town now; long may I reign!!

Hayley Scuba Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand

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