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Weekly Dive Site Report – 25 – 31 August 2017

The weather recently has been particularly good in Koh Tao and the last week in August we visited the following dive sites;

Twins, Southwest, Mango Bay and Shark Island. All with good visibility and the majority with calm seas, as Southwest did have a moderate swell.

Underwater photographer, Rob Kelly at Koh Tao dive site, Twins

Great visibility at Koh Tao dive site Mango Bay

Marine life was plentiful with a White-eyed Moray Eel, an awesome sight of schooling Chevron Barracuda, a Blue-spotted Stingray hanging out with a Grouper and some Christmas tree worms.

White-eyed Moray Eel at Koh Tao dive site, Twins Schooling Chevron Barracuda at Koh Tao Dive site, Southwest Koh Tao dive site Twins and a Blue-spotted Stingray with a Grouper Christmas worms and Koh Tao dive site, Twins

Hope you enjoy the video and until next week people!



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