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The Best PADI Professional Courses on Koh Tao!

Where to find the best PADI pro level dive training on Koh Tao? Right here at Master Divers, that’s where! Sounds a bit cocky, we know. However, we run unique PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor Development courses, which we believe provide the most comprehensive training available. We’re not a ‘tick the box’ kind of school, and are incredibly proud of our mentoring programmes, support structure and the quality of our training, all of which enable you to be work ready on completion of your course(s). We appreciate that researching the best pro level dive courses on Koh Tao can be a minefield….there are many operators to choose from which means lots of websites to read and many back and forth email chains, which can become very confusing very quickly when talking to multiple companies. So here all in one place you’ll find a breakdown of all of our PADI pro level courses, and why we think we can provide the best training quality in all of them!

Master Divers Team
Join us at Master Divers!

The Basics

At both Divemaster and Instructor level, we offer a dive career packages that have been developed to take you to beyond simply what you need, but to begin your new career by giving you more skills, qualifications and confidence. We also offer bespoke packages too, so if you want additional specialties, or training in specific areas to enhance your CV and increase your employability as a PADI Professional, then we can certainly cater to that. Additional courses vary depending on the individual, but the most popular specialties both at recreational and instructor level lately have been PADI Digital Underwater Photography, PADI Self Reliant Diver and of course PADI Wreck Diver, PADI Deep Diver and PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver.

We also offer PADI Divemaster and Instructor Internships on Koh Tao. These are a great way to get some work experience, build your confidence and get feedback all at the same time. Plus we always invest some time with our pro level candidates doing some ‘niching’ – working out what experience, strengths and interests you have, and applying these to your options for additional training, which may include specialties like those listed above, or perhaps something more unique and tailored to your existing skill set that may be of benefit.

Because we are so passionate about our marine environment and have a full time Marine Conservation Instructor on staff, ALL of our pro level training programmes include a marine conservation dive and accompanying presentation. This is something we are incredibly proud to offer, as we truly believe that it is our responsibility not just to be environmentally minded and do our bit on a local level, but also to pass this information on to the next generation of divers. We host regular land and sea clean ups, as well as Eco quiz and movie nights, so if you are environmentally minded, there is lots to get involved in!

dive against debris
Eco Instructor Hayley on a Dive against Debris


All our courses are small, and even on our PADI Instructor Development Course we have a maximum ratio of 4 candidates to 1 instructor for all evaluations and in-water presentations (Course Director or Staff Instructor and above). During your Divemaster training, there are likely to be more than 4 active trainees at any one time. However as you will all be at different stages in your training, the maximum in-water ratio will still remain at 4-1. If there happen to be more of you, we simply add another of our pro level mentors to the teaching team that day/week.

You will learn from instructors with years of experience both teaching and diving all over the world. They have dived in many different locations and conditions. Working with these instructors will not only offer you a fantastic experience base to pull from but also you will be able to learn from their different styles of teaching too.


PADI Divemaster  Course

What makes our PADI Divemaster training unique is our Foundation Week and Closing Week schedules. Your first week of Divemaster training is a scheduled Foundation Week, where you will spend time with your mentor, one of our Divemaster Instructors. After your course orientation, your instructor will take you through your first few chapters of knowledge development, skills training and workshops as the week progresses, standing you in good stead for the practical part of your course. With this foundation, you will move on to work with the rest of the team for the bulk of your course – practicing your skills, assisting courses and shadowing the Divemaster team. You’ll also have some free time to relax, explore the island and complete your independent study. Don’t worry about having too much free time though, we’ll still keep you busy with some workshops, your mapping project and emergency assistance planning project!  It’s also important you get some independent underwater time by fun diving with your fellow trainees and practicing your briefing, leading and navigation skills. Once you have progressed through the majority of your course, and are ready to tie everything up, we’ll schedule a Closing Week for you. Your Closing Week will again be spent with a Divemaster Instructor, where you conduct your final assessments and hand in all of your self study projects. During this week as your workshops and evaluations care completed, your instructor will mentor you in your move to becoming a professional, ensuring you are ready to go out into the world as a competent, confident Divemaster.

DMC’s out fun diving together


We run the Foundation Weeks on the first and third week of every month, so we’d schedule any courses and ‘make up dives’ (you need 40 dives to begin your Divemaster training and 100 to sit the your Instructor Exams) to fit in with this. Closing Weeks are scheduled for the second and fourth weeks of each month. If by chance you end up missing part of your foundation or closing week, you can simply catch up on the next rotation.

We foster a social and supportive culture at Master Divers, so you can always rely on your mentor – or any other staff for that matter – for help with information and advice, whether diving related or not. So we can promise you the best overall experience on you course with us too, so you can really make the most of your time with us.


PADI Divemaster Internship

When taking advantage of our Divemaster Career Package, you can start your Divmaster Internship as soon as you are signed off and have your PADI number. This gives you some valuable work experience which will put you in good stead when looking for work. You will be asked to perform roles and duties that you are now qualified for, such as leading fun dives and conducting a PADI Scuba Review, for example. You will go out to do this with an experienced member of our team and get feedback on your performance so that your skills and techniques are continually developed. In addition you’ll get to assist on another course so you can learn from yet another instructor, or maybe take tho opportuity to get on a different type of course (like a PADI Rescue Diver, or PADI Specialty Course for example). You will also get exposure to the other aspects of the industry you are joining too…You will be taken through sales and marketing techniques, including full assistance on how to market yourself with help and feedback in writing a dive CV. You will have the opportunity to learn a little about the compressor and equipment maintenance, and will also experience the front of house and logistics of operating a dive centre.

Practicing Dive Leadership


The benefits of a PADI Divemaster Internship are fairly clear in terms of putting yourself ahead of the pack for job applications. Plus it really does a lot for you personally too in terms of confidence, experience, and some extra practical application of your training, accompanied by some feedback from an experienced professional.  We are fortunate here to have an all round season for diving which means there are always plenty of divers around, so it doesn’t take long to complete your Divemaster Internship on Koh Tao.  Typically 1-2 weeks is all the extra time you’ll need, which is well worth it for what you’ll get out of it.


PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Our IDC Koh Tao courses are run by our PADI Course Director, Gaz Lyden. Gaz has been in the industry for over 15 years, and is a highly respected trainer with a phenomenal pass rate from all of his candidates. The atmosphere here at Master Divers is geared towards giving you the absolute most to ensure your success on completion of your courses, and in the last couple of years we are proud to say that 100% of our candidates have progressed into paid work following their IDC course on Koh Tao with us.

During the course you’ll learn how to structure, present and provide feedback to students across the whole variety of recreational dive courses. The atmosphere here at Master Divers is geared towards giving you all the support and mentorship you need, and Gaz’s vast and varied experience in the industry will ensure that you are trained to a level that far surpasses the required minimum standards. With us, the goal is not simply for you to succeed in your instructor exams, but to ensure you are a confident and competent Instructor on completion of your course.

IDC SKills Circuit


Before the IDC gets underway, we offer you the chance to assist for free on a couple of courses. We do encourage you to do this, as it is a great way to see how we operate and refresh your memory on the structure and flow of recreational dive courses in preparation for the IDC itself. Plus you can really benefit from learning from the calibre of instructors that we have here. Have you met our team yet?

The IDC runs every month, so please do contact us if you would like to know the next available start date, or the next one around the time you are planning to arrive.


PADI Instructor Internship

Just as at Divemaster level, an internship as a newly qualified PADI Instructor can be incredibly helpful in giving you some real first hand teaching experience, and will undoubtedly set you apart when it comes to job applications.

Historically we have offered the Master Scuba Diver Trainer program for our new Instrcutors, however as we concentrate on small groups and more personal courses, we found it could often take more time than was ideal. On many occasions this meant that completing the internship itself was forming a barrier to our new instructors from getting out there and starting their career. So we have developed our own unique Instructor Internship programme to provide you with more transferrable skills regarding teaching diving, marketing yourself as an instructor, and planning your course schedules and knowledge development sessions, which will really add value to your experience and prepare you for life as a confident and competent instructor going forward. You’ll still be getting some team teaching experience and start collecting certifications too, as well as 4 PADI Specialty Instructor ratings.

Dive Boat Group
Teaching Diving – Fun and Rewarding!

On top of your specialty training, our instructor internship programme provides you with team teaches on an Open Water course, an Advanced Open Water course, an additional Continuing Education course and also on some Discover Scuba Diving sessions. You’d be teaching alongside our lead instructors, who are all PADI Staff Instructors or Master Instructors, so you’ll be benefiting from several years of knowledge and experience.


PADI Staff Instructor

If you are already a PADI Instructor with some experience, but would like to expand on your abilities and learn how to staff PADI IDC’s, then the PADI Staff Instructor course is for you!  As an IDC staff instructor, not only will you be much more employable thanks to your instructor trainer knowledge and experience, but your advanced leadership skills will enable you to motivate and shape the next generation of PADI dive instructors, helping others in their goal of living their dreams by becoming a PADI professional!

During the course you’ll be delivering some of the course presentations to the candidates. In addition you’ll learn how to score the candidates knowledge development, confined and open water presentations, as well as how to counsel and encourage them. Throughout the course, Gaz will be on hand with tips and techniques to help you succeed, not just on the IDCS programme itself, but in your career going forward.

IDCS Confined Session Scoring Practice
Scoring Practice


Becoming a PADI professional really does open up a whole new world of adventure in stunning locations all around the world. You’ve heard of a ticket to ride? Well, here’s your ticket to dive!

Feel free to contact us for more details on any of the above, or if you’d like additional info on Koh Tao life such as finding accommodation, living costs and visas etc. We are only too happy to help, and hope to welcome you on Koh Tao for YOUR PADI Pro Level training course soon! 🙂

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