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My Master Divers Life Begins with my Aqua Lung Equipment! by Katie Woodroffe

Aside from the amazing courses in my Master Divers Life winners package, right up to the PADI Instructor Development Course, I was also lucky enough to bag a whole set of Aqua Lung gear. It still seems so surreal and hard to believe that this is my equipment, that will see me through my new career!

I did have to wait a few days to receive it – a small sacrifice to make, I know. It was a privilege to meet Brett from Koh Tao Aquamaster, who is easily one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to equipment and diving. He was actually there to greet me at the ferry pier for my arrival, and came to the shop to present me with the equipment a few days ago, alongside Elaine and Linzi, the owners of Master Divers.

Receiving my new Aqua Lung equipment


I have used a range of equipment since I have been diving over the past year, mostly equipment made for cold water diving, and it can be a bit of trial and error finding gear that you feel comfortable in. My first dry suit dive back in February was in a rented trilaminate dry suit – I looked like I was due to enter a space exploration programme. It was a challenging dive in 4 degree Celsius waters, and although it kept me dry, I never felt 100% confident in it. It wasn’t until 6 months later when I tried the one dry suit that I loved and ended up buying. It was a crushed neoprene suit which not only had amazing insulation properties, but also allowed for flexibility and ease of movement, and didn’t make me feel like I was about to leave Earth and enter space! I’ve always felt that once you find that right piece, it is like an extension of yourself, you almost feel “at one” with it, however cheesy that may sound. This is the feeling I have had since donning on and trying out my new equipment in the water. Every bit of equipment screams quality and reliability and fits so comfortably. I love it!

The Agualung i450T is a top of the range dive computer that not only looks the business, it delivers the business. Same goes for the Legend regulator; in fact, this is the best performance regulator manufactured by Aqua Lung. Both of these pieces of equipment are almost like lifelines underwater. There is no doubt that I can rely on these keeping me safe and sound, breathing easily and diving well within my limits.

The Aqua Lung i450


The Axiom BCD is like diving surrounded by a pillow- I can’t really explain it any other way! The comfort is next level and the sleek design goes well with the rest of the equipment.  It ticks all the boxes for movement, fit and functionality and I couldn’t imagine diving with any other BCD.

My Aqua Lung Axiom BCD and Legend Supreme regulator set


Last but certainly not least, and topping the prize off, I received the 3mm Hydroflex wetsuit, stratos fins, boots, Look HD mask, snorkel, knife, travel roller bag and a Lumen Solo torch.

Watch this space for some reviews of my new equipment once I’ve had some more time to dive with it all.

Just the start of our PADI Divemaster training!


This is fellow trainee Tilly and myself just before we led a deep dive and managed to navigate a site we had not yet visited.  Our PADI Divemaster orientation week is over, and after a few fun and sometimes challenging workshops and a fair few hours of theory, it is time to start observing instructors teach the courses and assisting where possible.  That is not it though, I want to get involved in as much as possible and have already planned to help lead a group for the International Clean Up Day this coming Saturday!  Stay tuned for an vlog on that, showing the amazing effort that the whole island puts in to protect its beautiful land and surrounding waters.

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