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Weekly Diving Report – March 9th – 15th

The previous week was quite special for our in-house photographer Dan: Not only did he provide us with his weekly dose of great underwater shots, but he also taught a brand new, bespoke photography course – spoiler alert: there are more photo courses to come and Dan goes above and beyond to schedule them uniquely around the needs of his students!

Quite often people are surprised how different it is to take good shots while diving, compared to what they already know about photography on land. Not only do you need to know a fair bit about the settings on your camera, but also you’ll need to have good buoyancy control. Once you master that, you’re on the right track to create some great shots like these:



If you follow our weekly updates. you will probably notice that the conditions are picking up and this week we finally experienced fantastic visibility at our dives at Southwest Pinnacle:



One of Dan’s favourite subjects is a picture of someone taking a picture. Here’s his underwater version of this:



Together, Dan and his student found some more interesting subjects, like this inquisitive moray eel (clearly another one of Dan’s favourites):



Or this rather grumpy fella:



Of course, every underwater photographer’s dream is getting the perfect shot of a shark. So why not practice with one that doesn’t move at all:



Another section of the course was mastering shots of people under water. The challenge when taking pictures of divers is that you do not want to have any bubbles in front of their face. This picture of one of our students practicing his navigation skills at Japanese Gardens is a perfect example:



We hope you enjoyed this week’s special report as much as we did and make sure to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our bespoke Photography options!

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