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Weekly Diving Report – April 27th – May 3rd

This week started with a highlight for most divers that come to visit us on Koh Tao: a full day trip to Sail Rock! Even though this was a little treat for all of our divers (customers & staff alike), we’ve had crystal clear conditions on other dive spots, too.

Towards the middle of the week the island has seen a little bit of (desperately) needed rain over night and while the conditions are still excellent, this usually means it’s that time of the year when we see the big spotty guys… But first things first, let’s have a look at our latest report:


We don’t go to Sail Rock as often as we go to most of the local dive sites, but when we do, we pick a day with great conditions. Sail Rock is approximately 2 hours with our big boat from Koh Tao and on the way out, our divers can enjoy a delicious breakfast on the boat. In fact, having joined a few other full day trips on Koh Tao, we’re quite confident in saying that ours has the best food (breakfast, lunch and snacks from the Coconut Monkey!) and of course the coolest crew including Koh Tao’s ‘bestest’ captain, P’Dong! 😉

Once you reach that little Sail Rock, literally a pinnacle in the middle of nowhere, it’s time to descend into one of the most spectacular dives you’ve probably done:



At the dive spots that are located a bit away from Koh Tao, out in the open ocean, your chances are pretty high to encounter the big schools of fish. We can’t remember a trip to Sail Rock when we have not spotted some schooling barracudas, for example:



Big schools of fish + crystal clear waters = happy divers! If all things in life could be this easy…



But like we already mentioned in the beginning of this report, Sail Rock wasn’t the only dive site that impressed us last week. All the divers that joined us for our trip to Chumphon Pinnacle on Monday morning, enjoyed their dives with a good 15m visibility. Is there a better way to start your week?





We’d like to complete this week’s report with a little evidence photo that we’re not just keyboard warriors, but actually go out diving on our days off too – especially with conditions like these:



Happy bubbles and hopefully see you next week!

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