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Weekly Diving Report – May 11th – 17th

Monsoon has officially arrived. Wait… what? Well, of course not on the Eastcoast of Thailand as our monsoon season usually begins any time between November and December. But this time of the year monsoon usually hits the Westcoast of Thailand and when the weather gets really bad over there (read: REALLY bad), we can sometimes see the tail end of this here on Koh Tao.

With increasing wind and more rain over night, unfortunately the visibility at some of our divesites dropped even more in the previous week. But the good news is, that we still managed to get some pretty cool dives logged and this is the time of the year, when we see whalesharks.

Last week we generally tried to stick to the more local spots, such as Twins, White Rock or Japanese Gardens, to make the boat trip as enjoyable as possible.

From Discover Scuba Diving to Divemaster training, we have taught all types of diving courses in the previous week and our in-house photographer Dan managed to get some pretty cool shots of our divers:




Another one of his favourite topics has been macro photography and if you are following us on Social Media, you can see that he’s captured some amazing macro shots in the past. While the visibility hasn’t been 100%, Dan had the chance to get some more practice with the macro shots and those are some of his results:





Yet, with all this talk about rain and wind and lower than average visibility, we can certainly say that the diving has still been pretty amazing as you can clearly see in this beautiful silhouette shot:



The winds are calming down at the moment and we are looking forward to a great new week of diving. Come and have a look next week again for our latest update on the Weekly Diving Report.

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