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Weekly Diving Report – May 18th – 24th

We can’t believe another week is gone and it’s time again for a Weekly Diving Report. The weather has been nice and sunny during daytime and we have seen some downpours during the evenings. The island much needed a bit of rain and it’s also been a nice refresher after weeks and weeks of heat…

Like we mentioned in the previous week already, the visibility has dropped slightly and this gives us the chance to have a closer look and enjoy the thrill of finding stuff (and work on our Navigation skills):


While the visibility is a bit lower than average, the diving conditions are still very nice and that’s what makes Koh Tao dive-able all year round. In the previous seven days, we certified divers on all different levels, from Open Water Diver students, to Deep Specialty divers and we even have a couple of brand new dive professionals.

While our Instructors have been busy teaching, our photographer Dan ventured out to capture some beautiful shots of our students, but also of Koh Tao’s diverse marine life.

This beautiful blue-ringed angelfish stands right out with his vibrant colours. While the juveniles of this species tend to hide in the reef, once grown up you can see them on probably every single dive site on Koh Tao:


Next one up is this majestic soft coral, photographed in Mango Bay in the North of Koh Tao. It almost looks like a fluffy pillow which you want to rest your head on – but careful! Just like with any other marine dweller you should not touch corals, regardless if it’s a hard or soft coral.



This shot of an anemone with it’s little resident pink anemone fish guarding it, another perfect example of how many bright colours we can see even when the visibility drops a little bit. We love the different shades of red, pink and orange against the vibrant blue background and this makes it our favourite shot of the week!


For fish and corals alike, we love discovering different patterns and structures. These two pictures, both taken at a local diving spot named Pottery, display a range of all different textures and markings.




Completing this week’s report is a rather eery scenery that our divers discovered at Junkyard, an artificial reef project, located just a few minutes’ boat ride away from Master Divers in Mae Haad.

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