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Weekly Diving Report – First half of 2019 (our ‘Best Of’)

That’s it! The first half of 2019 is officially over and it’s time for another little review. We’ve had some wonderful diving during the last few months and even though the visibility has been a little bit up and down, overall it was a good ‘dry season’.

Our divers have had the chance to dive with whalesharks, we’ve regularly had visit from our resident turtles and we are relieved to report that our corals haven’t actually suffered too much from the heat wave which also brought higher than normal average water temperatures.

Sit back and relax – here are our favourite shots and most memorable moments of the first half of 2019:


With the start of European Summer holidays, the island is getting a bit more busy and our high season is just around the corner. While we read reports about unbearably high temperatures in Europe (again) this year, our (air) temperature here on Koh Tao has finally come back to a normal level and we’ve had some refreshing rain showers in the evenings.

But not just the tropical temperatures and great diving makes us happy. We are excited for the next weeks and months to come as we have some very special surprises for you up our sleeves. If don’t want to miss out on the big news, you should be watching our Social Media channels, like Facebook & Instagram!

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