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Weekly Diving Report – Dive Against Debris Special

Our resident photographer Dan is on a well deserved holiday, but we didn’t want to let you down with our Weekly Diving Reports… So this Monday, instead of posting an review of the entire week, we have prepared a special little clip for you.

On a regular basis we go out to a dive site named Laem Thian. A little while ago we wrote a blog article on how we ‘adopted’ this pretty little spot and what it means for us to organise regular beach and underwater cleanups there. Last week, Alex helped us organise a ‘Dive Against Debris’ as part of her Divemaster Internship – and as you can see in the video, she did a great job!


Altogether the team collected a total of 27kg of trash. The majority of this was actually picked up from the beach (and later kayaked back to the boat and brought back to land to be disposed correctly). All the divers were positively surprised that there was actually not too much marine debris to be collected during the actual dive.

A very special thank you goes to our diver Gill who took along her camera and snapped a lot of fun pictures on the boat for us, as well as Head Instructor Jason, who’s responsible for the underwater shots.



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