Weekly Diving Report – Sep 28th – Oct 4th 2019

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Weekly Diving Report – Sep 28th – Oct 4th 2019

Do you know the feeling when you think you are being watched by something? Yes, this sometimes even happens when you go diving! You might be so absorbed by looking for that cute little yellow boxfish your PADI Divemaster had mentioned in their briefing that you don’t even notice how the reef has its eyes on you…


Some of these eyes are almost buried in the sand…



While others are clearly observing you without even trying to hide from you:



Sometimes it’s just one single ol’ little hermit crab…



While on other occasions you have hundreds and hundreds of teeny tiny little eyes staring back at you:



Some eyes are very colorful…



While others are ‘just‘ white:



But one thing is certain: They are all watching you!



Have a nice week and see you back here next Monday.

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