Weekly Diving Report – October 5th – 11th 2019

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Weekly Diving Report – October 5th – 11th 2019

Another month, another Weekly Diving Report. While we’re getting closer to the end of this year, there are still a few weeks left and we’ll do our best to provide you with an up-to-date report of the current diving conditions on Koh Tao.

This usually includes some information on the weather in general, as well as details on visibilities, currents and water temperatures. But why don’t you see for yourself in our latest video:

The weather is slowly turning and we had quite of a mixed bag of conditions in the last 7 days. There were some heavy downpours, but at this time of the year it the rain generally blows over quite quickly. And once you come up from your dive, it’s suddenly all sunny again!

Despite the weather being a bit changeable in the last week or so, the visibility under water has been very nice and our photographer Dan came up with some stunning shots like the one below:


The cute rabbit fish are known as our ‘usual suspects’ here in the Gulf of Thailand, and they are in fact quite impressive little fellas:
On the deeper dive sites, like for example Chumphon Pinnacle or Sail Rock, there is usually a lot of hunting going on. Every once in a while a barracuda might miss his shot and only manage to grab the prey by its tail. Believe it or not, the next morning you will still see some rabbit fish swimming around with a bit of its tail missing!


These two buddies however found a good bit of mooring line that they seem to be using as a hiding spot!


Among the highlights of the previous week, our fun divers at White Rock got to see a Banded Sea Krait:


All in all it was a very good week for diving on Koh Tao. We’ll keep our rain jackets handy for now and see you back here next Monday!

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