Weekly Diving Report – December 7th – 13th 2019

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Weekly Diving Report – December 7th – 13th 2019

Just on time, every Monday afternoon we post a review on our diving conditions here on Koh Tao and you might be wondering why?!

There is a lot of work going into these reviews, from taking the pictures in the first place, to cutting them together in a little compilation and uploading everything online. The Weekly Diving Reports have been a continuous project over the past years to give our guests an idea on what to expect when they come for a visit on the island and is a great way to compare the conditions over the years!

We missed Dan last week and the beginning of this week as he was unwell, but he is now back in the water doing what he loves the most. If you are a fan of macro, this weeks report will not disappoint!

Coral - Up close!

But of course Dan also captured some fish in the blue, like these Scribbled File Fish on the line at Japanese Gardens:

Scribbled File Fish

And these Yellow Tailed Barracuda swimming across the reef, also at Japanese Gardens:

Yellow Tailed Barracuda

Our team of experienced Divemasters and Instructors will find something interesting to see during your dives and Dan loves his macro photography, so here are a few macro shots from this week, starting with a Conch Eye peeping out from it’s shell:

Conch eye

The fluorescence of a Mushroom Coral:

Mushroom Coral

And a tiny fish popping it’s head out from the coral:


Once more, we hope you enjoy our reports and they help you plan your next diving holiday to Koh Tao! See you back here next week!

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