Weekly Diving Report – January 11th – 17th 2020

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Weekly Diving Report – January 11th – 17th 2020

Although we have had some days where it has been a little overcast, this week has been lovely again for diving as you can see in our clip below:

If you are reading our Weekly Diving Report on a weekly basis, you know that we tend to see some species more regularly than others… On almost every single dive site on Koh Tao we can find Banner Fish for example:

Banner Fish at Twins

Puffer Fish are also around on the most popular diving spots such as Twins or White Rock for example. However, it is not very common that you can see them swimming out in the open during daytime!

Pufferfish at Twins, Koh Tao, Thailand

Another nocturnal hunter is the bluespotted ribbontail ray. While they are normally hiding under rocks or in the cracks of corals, you can see them out hunting on a night dive.

Blue-spotted Sting Ray at White Rock

One of favourites is the Bat Fish and we were very happy to see some at Junkyard this week.

Bat Fish under an artificial reef structure at Junkyard

Last but by no means least, this week we were lucky enough to find these lovely Cat Fish while at Junkyard !

Cat Fish huddling under a rock at Junkyard

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