One thing we can’t dive without

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One thing we can’t dive without

What’s on the list of things that every diver needs? There are the very obvious things, such as your basic scuba equipment including a BCD and a regulator for example. And then there are the things which might not immediately come to your mind, but are equally as important. A good buddy (unless you are diving self-reliant) would be one of them and of course your brain (and it should be switched on before, during and after your dive!)

The ONE thing we can’t dive without

What are those little personal things that might make the difference between a good dive and a fantastic dive? We asked around our team members to find out what’s that one thing our Master Divers Instructors can’t dive (and therefore live) without.

You are curious to hear what they said? Let’s have a look!

Kiri (PADI Master Instructor)

Kiri is one of our pro-team instructors and recently discovered that she loves vegetables

“I can’t dive without leggings. First of all, they make it so much easier to slip into your wetsuit, they are super comfy to dive in and last but not least: I’m not showing off my bum when I’m wearing leggings!
Oh, and also, I love my hot water bottle – it’s great for in and out the water. Just be careful not to use boiling water or you’ll end up burning yourself…”


Sam is one of our Instructors here at Master Divers and has a very sweet tooth – whenever there are candies in the office, you will find him around!

My knowledge and experience are the most important dive-related things to me. All my equipment can be changed, but what I have learned over the years has made me… ME!


Adi is one of our pro-team instructors. She tries to live more environmentally conscious & loves to practice Yoga in her spare time…

My prescription mask is the one thing I cannot dive without anymore. It is just more comfortable but I do end up having a terrible mask tan since I do not take it off when I am at the surface. I also always bring some spare contacts just in case I cannot dive with my prescription mask.”

Nat (PADI Staff Instructor)

Nat is one of our freelance Instructors and a long-term Koh Tao expat.

I cannot and will not dive without my diving slate, it’s saved me to communicate something necessary, something motivating and congratulating!

Jason (PADI Master Instructor)

Jason is in charge of managing our pro-team and is a complete Star Wars geek!

My ‘magic mask’ (which also known as my spare mask). It can be one of two and I take one based on the group. If I have students with mask problems, out comes the magic mask and all is good in the world… Obviously if I have a strap break or something else it comes out as well and saves me cancelling the dive.”


Sara works ‘behind the scenes’ and is responsible to make our dive operations run smoothly. She is a complete nudibranch nerd…

Hair ties, hair ties, hair ties! And a wetsuit!


Kenny has just recently completed his IDC with Master Divers and is our unofficial dive-shop cheerleader…

Honestly it doesn’t matter where I am diving, it can be the beautiful Gulf of Thailand, the Caribbean Sea or anywhere in the South Pacific – the one thing I cannot live without is a wetsuit!!! It’s just so nice to remove temperature from the equation of diving. To be fully immersed in the underwater world. It also adds the ability to keep complete focus on the dive and not on the temperature.  
Being Warm = Having Fun!

Jordan (PADI OWSI)

Our resident marine biologist Jordan is our Master Divers EARTH ambassador and gets really excited about all sorts of marine life!

“I can’t be a good ‘eco diver’ without my fish ID book. Each site has a new species of fish and I always want to be able to identify and research all of our amazing wildlife. I also love helping customers identify which fish they saw and help build a love for our coral reefs.”


Tom also completed his IDC with us and still likes to hang out with Master Divers. He is super enthusiastic about all types of corals…

Double ended clips. Attach a slate, tie off a line, clip your SMB and it’s a signalling device if you really need!”


And last, but not least: me, the author of this blog post. I’m in charge of dive operations and some of our social media content and I’m the crazy cat lady in the team…

“Snacks. It’s not directly dive related, but you’ll always see me snacking in between dives. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or afternoon dives, but I’m always starving after the first dive of the day and (for me) there’s nothing worse than having to jump back in the water with a rumbling stomach…

Be a nice dive buddy and you might even get a bite from my sandwich!”

What’s the one thing you can’t live & dive without?
Let us know in the comments!!!

Image credits: Billy Cloud, Danny Lee, Kwang Pitcha, private.

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  1. commented by Elaine Brett on 21 February 2020

    I can’t dive without my contacts. Although I would be able to see the big stuff, without my contacts I can’t see the small critters which I love to see too!

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