About us

Master Divers is one of the longest-operating PADI dive centers on Koh Tao, having first opened its doors in 1992.

You will find all the staff you meet here to be very passionate about every aspect of diving. Between us, we have a wealth of experience, diving on Koh Tao and around the world, whether as a customer, instructor, or manager.

Therefore, we have taken our ideals for the diving industry and combined them with the best aspects of those experiences and brought them together to welcome divers of any experience and age and to provide them with an unforgettable experience.

Vision Statement

Master Divers aims to be the premier choice for scuba diving excursions, education, and career development in Koh Tao. We seek to inspire and empower both new and experienced divers and dive professionals, facilitating their exploration of the underwater world, by delivering a life-transforming experience. Through our passion for the ocean and marine conservation, we endeavor to create a community of divers with a life-long commitment to protecting and preserving marine ecosystems.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional diving experiences, prioritizing quality and safety over quantity and profit, by offering small-group instruction and dive excursions using best-in-class equipment, led by our highly-trained instructors and dive leaders, and through the passion, drive, and integrity at the core of our operations. Through our dedication to marine conservation, and utilizing ethical and eco-friendly practices, our goal is to leave the ocean in a better place than we found it each time we enter the water.

Join us on a transformative journey of learning and exploration, guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence and our deep respect for the oceans we explore.

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