We don’t have our own resort, but we are happy to give recommendations for nice places nearby. There is a wide range of accommodation options near by including hostels, budget fan accommodation, aircon rooms, mid-range resorts, and also luxury villas and resorts for those who would like a little more luxury.

We don’t have any personal affiliations with these resorts, as we dedicate 100% of our time and focus to our dive centre and operations, ensuring the best quality care for our customers.

If you plan to stay for a month or longer then there are some places offering long-term accommodation too. These options are usually bungalow or apartment based and quite often are in little blocks and communes, making it easy to meet other long term renters.

Although Koh Tao is a small island, there are great options available to suit everyone’s budget and needs. Its fairly easy to get around the 3 main villages by use of taxi or scooter if you’re comfortable driving one.

Please feel free to contact us for any help with accommodation

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