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Sail Rock – 26th April’11

Sail Rock is always an exciting trip.  Its an hour and a half to two hour cruise to get there so its a special full day trip we offer.  Last time we went we saw a whaleshark on South West Pinnacle on the way back – so excitement was certainly high !

Most of the divers today were out for fun but Paul completed his Adventure Deep Dive, heading down to 30m to check out what changes !

The cruise out was flat calm and it looked like it was going to be great diving.  One side of the pinnacle had beautiful vis and the other was cloudy.  There was a slight split current but nothing too hectic.  We enjoyed our second dive there too.  As usual there was heaps to see, fish after fish after fish and big schools too.  We enjoyed chocolate brownies on the way back and everyone caught a few rays.

Check out the video to see the conditions for yourself.

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