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Chumphon and Twins on the 20th July’11

Its a long time since I have been out fun diving, but this week Wilco and I had our good friends Chris and Pook here.  Chris has been a friend for over 7 years now, we met during the course of taking our IDCs here on Koh Tao.  Chris is now an international dive and travel journalist working for Scuba Diver Australasia and he also runs the very successful website DiveHappy.com.  He initially helped us with our own personal dive booking site as well as the one stop shop online site for anyone visiting Koh Lanta, AmazingLanta.com. It was great to have them back here as many things have changed since his last visit and many new species have been spotted too.

This last week has been a pleasure, myself and Wilco taught Pook her Advanced Course and today was to be their last dives before returning home to Bangkok.  The wind had played a little havoc with their trip but we enjoyed some great diving regardless and today was the icing on the cake with a visit to Chumphon Pinnacle. The thermocline had completely gone and it was clear to the bottom.  Being the guide today, Dive Master Phill was out with the camera and took this lovely silhouette.  We were treated to a lovely school of barracuda, many many snapper and fusiliers and a huge silver grouper having his teeth cleaned too.

Twins was our next site and Phill took this great snap of the Oscillated Coral fish, a pair has recently been spotted at White Rock too.  I dont ever remember seeing them here before, its so great when something new is seen !

Apart from us, Emmy and Thias completed their Open Water Course, Emmy is continuing to her Advanced Course while Thias is making her Adventure Deep and Adventure Night dive.  Anna-lise took here Deep Course which will conclude on the new wreck tomorrow – hopefully she will spot the wicked new sea hare that’s already made the wreck its home.

For more great photos from todays diving check out the slideshow below.

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