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Best dives of 2011 on Koh Tao, Thailand (Part 3)

August again was such a busy month for dive reports that it needs a post of its own – and what a month ….August kicked off to a great start when Phill found this awesome sea moth in the shallows of Mango Bay on the 10th August.

Phill takes some great shots but this one below is certainly one of my favorites, taken on a trip to Red Rock and Japanese Gardens on the 11th August’11


We often see squid at Junkyard and it seems they enjoy it as much as we do as they left their eggs there to hatch.  Not only squid think this is a great nursery though; if you have a look at the same days divereport you’ll see an anemone fish with its eggs too.

Our visit to Red Rock and Japanese Gardens on the 17th of August was fabulous….not only did we e this unusual slug (below) but I spent some quality time with a banded sea snake too.  I got some great video and pictures – which you can see on the original post.

Chumphon Pinnacle is always a big ticket dive but some days it just out does itself and the 18th was one of those days……

19 Aug_045It was awesome to watch these jacks just explode towards me and the barracuda are always a grand sight to watch swirl around…

19 Aug_065Phill first photographed the new wreck, the HTMS Sattakut on the 22nd Aug and cam back with some cracking shots – the gun shot below is one of my favorites…She was sunk especially for diving and the story of her sinking and subsequent moving and restoring her to the upright position made for quite the conversation around Koh Tao – if you want to know more – go through to this post where you will find the whole tale..

There was far too many high points to spoil you in one post so watch out for  part 4 and if you missed part one –click here and if you missed part two – click here…

What was your best moment underwater this year – tell us your highlights in the comments section below.
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