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Hin Nagam and Aow Leuk on the 9th December 2011

We love having kids in the dive centre and little Oskar was no exception.  Accompanied by mum and dad, Jonathan and Tania, they were completing their Open Water Course today. Oskar also has two younger brothers, too young to dive, but they certainly gave Grumble a work out.  Todays forecast certainly didnt look too promising but as you can see, the sky was blue with picture perfect fluffy clouds.  The wind did pick up  a little later making the cruise back from Aow Leuk a little choppy. Hin Ngam was the first dive site and you can see it was a little green but there were plenty of fish and we saw an impressive group of yellow tailed barracuda too.

The pinnacles a Hin Ngam are always a favorite for critter-spotters – shrimp and crabs are always seen.












But in the end the day was all about Tania, Jonathan and Oskar completing their Open Water Course, well done guys !


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