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A word from the Boss …. Grumble….

It’s been one year since I first appeared on the Master Divers website. And wow, have things changed…I am officially a superstar! My awesome appearance in their version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Koh Taonian Tradegy, catapulted me to the A-list. And to be fair, I really was the star of that particular effort. Then there was the follow-up, Teach and Train You, where I certainly had to pull out all the stops – reading fish slates and using the internet and singing too– I really have come a long way since my head-banging days. The number of fans who insist on taking my photo, I really should start charging. Maybe I will get my own changing room next time…As a reward for all my efforts, those kindly humans bought me my very own sofa! What I don’t understand is why some of them insist on sitting on it. It’s mine!!! Not yours!! They don’t ask if they can sit there, and then when I wait at their feet and stare at them, they still don’t move. Always one to come up with a cunning plan, I have found that if I squeeze behind them, and then push them out the way, they soon get the message! I think they took some pictures of me whilst in various sleeping positions on the sofa as well….something about me predicting the weather??!! Do I look like a weather balloon?! Where on earth do they get these ideas from…

















Then, lordy lordy, the humans decided I needed a new housemate as I seemed a bit lonely after the sad demise of my brother Tiger. Now, people, let’s get this straight….I tolerated Tiger – after all he was family, but what on earth made you think I wanted a friend…OK, yes I do keep wondering across the road and looking at the cats in the travel agent, and I have been known to hang out with Terminator Cat, but seriously…IN MY OWN HOME!! So that’s when What’s-Her-Face arrived….
Apparently her name is Greedy…very appropriate since she decided to make the food bowl hers straight away. OK, OK, so she is young, we can get over it, but then the humans started playing with her all the time, and saying how cute she was…Really? At least it meant that they stopped harassing me, particularly those very little humans with squeaky voices. How would you like it if I picked you up when you were fast asleep and dragged you around by your armpits!
Anyhow, I am clearly far too superior to associate with such an underling…Thanks, but no thanks…I’ll stick to licking humans and giving Renee the odd kiss too.



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2 Comments on A word from the Boss …. Grumble….

  1. commented by Sarah on 25 February 2012

    How about a Grumble t-shirt? I know you lot are arty-crafty enough to come up with a fab Grumble image and slap it on a wearable item…maybe a % of sales to the animal clinic?
    Love and hugs xx

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 26 February 2012

      Yeah – we have considered it …….might be too much for her to cope with ….

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